Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09

Hear ye! Hear ye!

We'll be co-ordinating Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09, held between 9 -11 January 2009, in PWTC, KL.

Though it's PWTC, with Bijou Bazaar, the venue never mattered, it's about flaunting your work, 'trading' + having fun together, right?

Held at a dedicated creative entrepreneurship area within the YOUTH '09 vicinity, the Creative Mafia aims to showcase and highlight young creative entrepreneurs from the arts and crafts, designer fashion, music, visual and performing arts, film, photography as well as publishing. Of course, we will not forget our fashion entrepreneurs; wholesale + pre loved.

Ya sayang, that's right. You do have to take up the full 3 days. Lets ponteng kerja ramai2! :op

OK, who's in? Do drop us a line at creativemafiakl@gmail.com.

And you shopaholics, stylo chicks + bros, supporters of local talents, lovers of all things unique, cool, quirky, artistic + original. Make a date with us at Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09 this January. Put aside your gaji, break your tabung. Make way to PWTC, KL during your looOOOoooOOooong Friday lunch break! And come again during the weekend ... to shop, lepak, learn, share or just to meet people. ;o)

Sapa kata it's for kids ONLY? All are welcome to support our youth entrepreneurs. :o)

So jadi, sila hangkut your grand parents, parents, uncles, aunties, cousins, pet piranhas over to visit us.

Owh! We have some Bandung peeps joining us as well to support.

Show our creative, entrepreneurial young some love.

Spread the word!

Thanks very much! :o)


Wegra @ Bijou Bazaar

p.s. Retail stalls rental is RM 150 for the 3 days, if you wish to sing, read poetry or do an art installation, do drop us a line as well. We want everyone to come together, shop + have fun with us that weekend, like everyone of you reading. :o)


:) said...

im looking forward to join this upcoming event. fyi, im going to angkut all my cousins sume so nak tanya boleh, venue kat pwtc tu kat mane? thanks!

2 sudu kecik said...

really dont have any idea what bijou bazaar really abt...
i wanna go and see 4 my self..

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...


looking forward to having you + your cousins over. 1st cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins bagai ... bring them all over

2 sudu kecik

bijou bazaar is about freedom + passion + challenging the norm + pushing the young talented ones up. :op

PAJID said...

owh.. is dis d real blog for anythg y berkaitan ngan activity uol ber bazar?

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...


err ... ada a fake blog ke?

nej jalidar said...

I'm so gonna come!
ponteng sekolah pun tak apa ;D

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

shhhh! poteng sekolah ni jangan declare kuat2 ...

liyana said...

hi, I'm new in handmade business.. but feel happy to join..but am I qualified?? buat kecil-kecilan je..hihi

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...


memang for micro retailers. :o)

Nada ke? said...

when is the dateline to register a stall?

nuruliznie said...

im not sure to join this event as penjual or pembeli yet but i would like to hv a stall for my ordinary-homemade cupcakes.is anyone had try this before?selling cupcakes in Bijoubazaar event?

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

nada ke?

submit form ASAP, payment end of the month pun ok, we are flexible. :o)


that's up to you. :o)

you can come this year to view first + join us the following year OR you can take the risk with us this year. I'm sure there are a lot of hungry people that weekend. ;o)

Moon said...

micro retailers....

what about super-nano retailers? hahahaha

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...


micro retailer is a real business term you know. ;o)

Amir said...