Monday, December 29, 2008

Creative Mafia: When the Worlds of Art and Fashion Collide

The art world and the fashion pack can't seem to stop rolling around in the hay together, and what consequently emerges from the unmarried mothers' home is often the most beautiful of offspring. From Yves Saint Laurent's Piet Mondrian dresses in the 1960s to Stella McCartney's recent collaboration with Jeff Koons, the love affair between the art and fashion has been passionate.

We'll be curating an exhibition of work by the youth designers based on this premise this 9 - 11 January 2009, in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur for Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09 y'all!

A sneak peak at some of the work?

Hmmmmmmm ... ok!

"Miss Plasterdoll"

"The Fashion-na-nimal from the Fashion Forest"

OK, that's all we can show ya.

Be there, if you want to see more!

*wink, wink*


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Creative Mafia: That's Actually Us!

You folks would already know how much a rebel us peeps at Bijou Bazaar are. ;op

The hardworking peeps @ YOUTH '09 coined a real nice name for us - 'Youth Designer Festival' but we had to rebrand it to 'Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09'. Hehe!


So, don't get all confused ya! :o)

We'll implement our rebranding shortly (as soon as Siow Foon of SheBop submit her final design. Please go pressure her ... hehe!)

Just to share that there will be registration upon entry, which may lead to a very very LOOoooOOoooOOooG queue.

Al-maka it'll be best to get your free passes from which will grant you a quick, fuss free entry.

Come on, register for your free passes now!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Creative Mafia #001: Awat?

If you frequent Rantai events (, you’d be acquainted with ‘Awat?’ a brand, which made a once a year appearance. That was only because the creative mind behind it was studying in Auckland, New Zealand and, so, she could only participate when she’s home for the holidays.

‘Awat?’ was founded by SuperNab, a teacher-trainee, to support her shopping habits, so she claimed. Yes, you guessed right, ‘Awat?’ means why or what in Kedahan-Malay and yes, right again, SuperNab is from Kedah.

Step into the wonderful world of SuperNab. The perky, child-like free-spiritedness of her work is hard to miss. Now, I’ll let her work do the talking. ;o)

Owh, and she secretly contributes to the Flickr Wardrobe Remix group too.

Not only you’re a rad crafter, you also have a great sense of style. SuperNab, can I have you as my English teacher? If only I had a super cool teacher like yourself, I bet I'd be inspired to not miss a class! :o)

You can support her at + or pre-order her work through to be delivered at YOUTH '09, that way you are assured of getting what you want. He he he!

Oh yes, SuperNab here is a mafioso at Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09, this 9 - 11 January 2009 in PWTC, KL. Show her some love, be there to support her, y'all!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09: Contact Details

Hi peeps!

A short announcement. :o)

We'll be co-ordinating Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09, that is in conjunction with the 2nd YOUTH organising, between 9 -11 January 2009, in PWTC, KL.

To be held at a dedicated creative entrepreneurship area within the YOUTH '09 vicinity, the Creative Mafia aims to showcase and highlight young creative entrepreneurs from the arts and crafts, designer fashion, music, visual and performing arts, film, photography as well as publishing.

For further information on YOUTH '09, do visit www. youthmalaysia. com/youth09.

For the Creative Mafia organising, we are collaborating with several Bijou peeps; who’s been trading with us: Button My Buttons, Shydee Jr, LaQoo as well as one loyal shopper: Nany.

+ for stalls related enquiries, Dedek is your guy: 012.345.9482

+ for the acoustic stage, Shydee is the man: 019.211.9593

+ runaway show related enquiries, talk to Shida: 012.378.5657

+ art installation related enquiries, do speak to Nany: 012.336.1686

+ for sponsorships + promotions, do call Iwan-g: 019.655.9945

+ for all press enquiries + some sponsorships + promotions enquiries, speak to Wegra: 012.398.9849

All other questions, we'll put our heads together. :o)


KLue Poll: Favourite fashion bazaar/flea market?

We were stumped to see the results of a poll by KLue –


Thanks very much KLue + thanks very much peeps for your continuous support since day one. :o)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Eye on London: Carnaby Street

6o's are here to stay!

Carnaby Street is a shopping street in London, UK. In the 1960's, it was popular with followers, both hippie and mod style. There were many independent fashion boutiques and designers such as Mary Quant. There were also a wide range of music bars and bands such as The Beatles came to work, shop and socialize. Carnaby Street became one of London's coolest destination in the Swinging 60's.

Now the area of Carnaby Street has been through a lot of changes but if you really explore Carnaby Street, you'll find somethings never change.

Here are some snapshots I took of style that were influenced by the 60's. From the beaded dress ( Diana Ross, The Supremes), mini dress ( Mary Quant, Twiggy), cardigans to the stockings. With all the style and similar surroundings, you can't help yourself but to think you're living the past.

Carnaby Street Store Gems 


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09: Lets Pimp the Ride, y'all!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Calling all graphic designers. Come one, come all.

Suzuki Malaysia will be sponsoring 2 Suzuki Swift Sports for the up coming Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09 this 9 - 11 January 2009 y'all!

w00t! w00t!


With the two brand spanking new toys, we thought of turning it into a canvas and letting two best car decal designs to be exhibited on them.

What are decals, some of you reading may ask? They are decorative stickers, much like the below from Urban Outfitters.

Suzuki Malaysia will be sponsoring the cars in the two colours below as canvas. You are to submit your design proposal, stating your car colour choice to Do submit your proposal by Monday, 29 December 2008, peeps!

Pearl White

Azure Grey Metallic

So, what are you folks waiting for?! Go get cracking, lets pimp the ride!

"Suzuki Swift Sport: Better than a Mini, so just pretend it's British" - Jeremy Clarkson

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09

Hear ye! Hear ye!

We'll be co-ordinating Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09, held between 9 -11 January 2009, in PWTC, KL.

Though it's PWTC, with Bijou Bazaar, the venue never mattered, it's about flaunting your work, 'trading' + having fun together, right?

Held at a dedicated creative entrepreneurship area within the YOUTH '09 vicinity, the Creative Mafia aims to showcase and highlight young creative entrepreneurs from the arts and crafts, designer fashion, music, visual and performing arts, film, photography as well as publishing. Of course, we will not forget our fashion entrepreneurs; wholesale + pre loved.

Ya sayang, that's right. You do have to take up the full 3 days. Lets ponteng kerja ramai2! :op

OK, who's in? Do drop us a line at

And you shopaholics, stylo chicks + bros, supporters of local talents, lovers of all things unique, cool, quirky, artistic + original. Make a date with us at Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09 this January. Put aside your gaji, break your tabung. Make way to PWTC, KL during your looOOOoooOOooong Friday lunch break! And come again during the weekend ... to shop, lepak, learn, share or just to meet people. ;o)

Sapa kata it's for kids ONLY? All are welcome to support our youth entrepreneurs. :o)

So jadi, sila hangkut your grand parents, parents, uncles, aunties, cousins, pet piranhas over to visit us.

Owh! We have some Bandung peeps joining us as well to support.

Show our creative, entrepreneurial young some love.

Spread the word!

Thanks very much! :o)


Wegra @ Bijou Bazaar

p.s. Retail stalls rental is RM 150 for the 3 days, if you wish to sing, read poetry or do an art installation, do drop us a line as well. We want everyone to come together, shop + have fun with us that weekend, like everyone of you reading. :o)

Friday, December 5, 2008

You + Me by Azwar Rashid & Co.

I've had this video playing in the background when I work for almost a month now. I reckon, it's time to share. :op

Cute! Love it. :o)

Towards the end, tempo ada lari a bit but who cares.

Have a brilliant weekend, everybody!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ada apa dengan Bijou?

OMG!!!! Dina Zaman mentioned Bijou Bazaar in her article, like she knew we existed?! OMG!!! Yes, I am jakun. We are talking about THE Dina Zaman here …

*pinching herself*

OK, it’s real.


Thursday December 4, 2008

It will be the young who rule


Young Malaysians deserve a future that is based on merit. They need, and are deserving of, tools that encourage their talents and capabilities.

IF it is any generation I am learning a lot from, it would be the young. Oh, I have learned a lot from older peers such as my parents, older friends and so forth, but I am being kept up to speed by Young Malaysia.

If I get confused about something IT-related, I call one of the boys. When I am befuddled by my digital camera, I scream for my little sister.

If I want to get the pulse on what is happening on the ground, and want to know what Malaysia’s aspirations and future will be, I hang out with my younger friends.

In no way am I deserting friends of my age and older, but the buzz and enthusiasm, which I have to admit can be exhausting, come from my younger friends.

Friends my age are busy with families and their careers, and very few have the time to babysit me! Even when it comes to matters of the heart and faith, I seek the counsel of the young.

They are well-read, passionate and are very focused on what they want out of this country. It doesn’t matter if they are liberal or conservative, come from urban or rural areas, shy or exuberant, these kids keep me on my toes. And I have learned a lot about fortitude from them.

I don’t think I saw this kind of passion and empathy from my generation and above. Yes, there were the activists and would-be corporate superstars, but the number was few.

What I remember of my teens was to get through my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, and in my 20s, my good friend Sharina Shueb and I were hunting doas (prayers) so we would get boyfriends and marry ASAP.

It is only now that we talk about social issues, politics, the economy; but come nine in the evening, we tutup kedai and sleep all our worries away.

One thing I admire about these kids, and which I did not see during my impressionable years, is their knack for organisation and networking. These kids, with the great help of the Internet and technology, are all wired.

Facebook, myspace, MSN – they connect with groups like Digital Malaya, the flickr kids … flashmob groups. Readings. They also organise flea markets like Bijou Bazaar.

And politics. These kids are sharp. They are not necessarily Oxbridge graduates but they understand their constituencies and the grassroots. You have already met Zaidel B, my young friend, who appeared in this column a couple of times.

Those who are not involved in politics volunteer at non-profits like Food Not Bombs, and yes, think that marching up and down Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman bearing placards announcing their causes is something worth getting into trouble for, though I did get one e-mail the other day:

“Argh Dina, I’m too young to go to jail!”

“Yang miang sangat demo tu kenapa? Go study.”

I am such a makcik sometimes and the generation gap can be glaring. Like the time I went to a gig with two male friends my age. We harboured fantasies of pogo-ing and moshing in the pit but imagine our bewilderment when the two Danish groups barely plucked their guitars. No riffs. No headsplitting music.

F, who managed to find his mat rocker black jeans and Metallica tee-shirt gawped.

I turned to Ms E, my friend, who is dating a young man in a band, and asked her, “Er what kind of music is this arr? Baik I balik rumah ketuk tin Milo.”

“Oh my God Dina you can’t say that! It’s hipster music! That’s so wrong!”

F, Sheng and I just stared at her. What on earth was hipster music?

We soon-to-be 40-year-olds grew up on a diet of New Age, glam rock and heavy metal. We hung out at Pertama Complex in the late 80s. We thought Ozzy Osbourne was really cool. And sigh, Roger Taylor of Duran Duran was hot, too.

And yes. Joe Wings. Oh, I would tell you about this crush I had on this Malay boy all those years ago, but he is married now and I dowan to get santau by the wife for nothing. But did he fill in those red Levi’s very well.

It is also from the young that I have learned more about my faith. My time, we didn’t really have all these camps and kelas ngaji. There was Abim, but they were like a foreign planet to us and seemed too “old”.

These days, these kids organise talks by themselves, organise charities and camps. I have been to a few readings and events and met with tudung-girls who cover their aurat very creatively. They don’t want to look like their mothers, they told me. Ouch.

Still a lot needs to be done. The young Malaysians I mentioned earlier are the minority even though their number is growing. Young Malaysia deserves a future that is based on merit, a success that they can brag about because it is earned, not because of who they are ethnically, religiously and economically. They need, and are deserving of, tools that encourage their talents and capabilities.

The issue of Mat Rempits is economic. The problems young Malaysians face are very real: poverty, abuse, lack of resources and guidance, and support. What does the future hold for them?

God willing, it will be the more successful young who will help empower those left slightly behind. Watch this space.

The writer hopes she has the energy to keep up!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Streetwear Irony

Oy oy oy!

I got the below from Yvan the Face Hunter. You don't know who he is? Where have you been?! No, I'm not talking to you girl but him! OK, before you proceed with the post, first go to, then come back ...

Streetwear primarily started in the California surf and skate scene at the end of the 1970’s and the early 1980’s. Often surfers and skaters would produce their own branded boards and t-shirts with their own unique style. The first of these to make an impact on the scene was Shawn Stussy who placed his tag like signature on his boards and t-shirts. It was like a revolution, they started wearing "cool sport garments" in normal day to day life. It marked the invention of COOL.

It was only a matter of time before the rest of the world caught on with the trend. Within a few years, kids around the world started wearing skate shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, running trainers, tracksuit, hoodies, etc...during the day, just to hang out. That was perceived as cool for some time. But soon enough streetwear became so mainstream, that it totally lost its original looseness and coolness.

As a response to that, a Melbourne skater for the 00's decided to wear a corporate suit all the time, even for skating. Genius.

But can you really skate in that? Boys?