Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09: Contact Details

Hi peeps!

A short announcement. :o)

We'll be co-ordinating Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09, that is in conjunction with the 2nd YOUTH organising, between 9 -11 January 2009, in PWTC, KL.

To be held at a dedicated creative entrepreneurship area within the YOUTH '09 vicinity, the Creative Mafia aims to showcase and highlight young creative entrepreneurs from the arts and crafts, designer fashion, music, visual and performing arts, film, photography as well as publishing.

For further information on YOUTH '09, do visit www. youthmalaysia. com/youth09.

For the Creative Mafia organising, we are collaborating with several Bijou peeps; who’s been trading with us: Button My Buttons, Shydee Jr, LaQoo as well as one loyal shopper: Nany.

+ for stalls related enquiries, Dedek is your guy: 012.345.9482

+ for the acoustic stage, Shydee is the man: 019.211.9593

+ runaway show related enquiries, talk to Shida: 012.378.5657

+ art installation related enquiries, do speak to Nany: 012.336.1686

+ for sponsorships + promotions, do call Iwan-g: 019.655.9945

+ for all press enquiries + some sponsorships + promotions enquiries, speak to Wegra: 012.398.9849

All other questions, we'll put our heads together. :o)



dirt tee clothing said...

ok!we're from dirt tee clothing confirm to join this event!:)

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

thanks. we emailed a form to you, can you forward via email the details required by the form please.

terima kasih. :o)

Anonymous said...

iwan g is still around?sudah branak belum?

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

yes, iwan-g is still around, sudah beranak, baby girl - Qaseh. :o)

~Dusky Wings~ said...

hi,we are interested to join the event as well. =) do let me know more about it? duskywings.blogspot.com

sheryll said...

we are in.!!!fashionista clothing

mikrobotmen said...

hello im mikrobotmen part of chip chip hurray malaysia's first chiptune comunity. we are using the medium of old games to create a wonderful and colourful sound.
and i was wondering if by any chance would there be an opening for me to perform in a slot in the upcoming youth 09.. i'll leave a link to my myspace and my email address for contact..

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

dusky wings

will reply to your e-mail shortly


will be seeing you soon. :o)


oh ... i know your brand of music, cool stuff! will be in touch. :o)

Iedil said...

we've bank in the rental fee.harap maklum :)


ika said...

Hye! we also want 2 join dis event!!!


err..my frenz will contact u..:)

Anonymous said...

Hi! im interested 2 rent d stall..so how can i make confirmation?

email me:

radiusite@gmail.com. tq

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dhyfrs said...

ada empty slot lagi?

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...


e-mail us sayang ... creativemafiakl@gmail.com

Shy Sisters said...

Hi! are we listed????

miriam omar said...

bijou! i just emailed you guys about volunteer work. hope u guys got the email and are interested!

omim said...

who will be playing for the acoustic stage?

dya said...

can i be volunteer for youth9:youth designer fest?

mail me at.


omg! is there any more stalls available??? email me pls!!! i noe its a bit too late ;(


juliataslim said...

hey, i went to the youth event at pwtc that day, and i came across this t-shirt supplier by the name of salty tees or sweaty tees (i really forgot what is it cos i lost their card, my bad...)

any of you know what is it called?
it will be better if you know their contact.. :) thanks a lot.