Saturday, December 27, 2008

Creative Mafia: That's Actually Us!

You folks would already know how much a rebel us peeps at Bijou Bazaar are. ;op

The hardworking peeps @ YOUTH '09 coined a real nice name for us - 'Youth Designer Festival' but we had to rebrand it to 'Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09'. Hehe!


So, don't get all confused ya! :o)

We'll implement our rebranding shortly (as soon as Siow Foon of SheBop submit her final design. Please go pressure her ... hehe!)

Just to share that there will be registration upon entry, which may lead to a very very LOOoooOOoooOOooG queue.

Al-maka it'll be best to get your free passes from which will grant you a quick, fuss free entry.

Come on, register for your free passes now!



pattybelle said... patty belle..stil doing my biz profile..wil submit asap...sory...ya..may i knw..the bazaar is there any table o chair provided?

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...


yes, there'll be table + chairs but do bring your own table cloth + think of how best to decorate your corner ya? :o)

pattybelle said...

thanks alot dear...see u:)

shaz said...

hello, nak tanye skit..

kalau we all yg ber'bazaar' kene dapatkan tag juge ke?


Anonymous said...

What time are we allowed to come to set up our items?

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

wahhhh ... jadi kaunter pertanyaan ek? hahahahaha ...

ok ...


you guys tak payah go get the free passes, ada spesel tag for you


tu lah ... we are finalising with the YOUTH'09 Secretariat ... will be in touch shortly. :o)