Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunrise Jazz & Rhythm Festival 2008

I was at a meeting with Sunrise Berhad, when we spoke of the local music indie scene. As usual, I had to share with them the talents who have graced our stage and the impact some of them had on our patrons.

Like the instance when Aisya Hasnaa was singing at The Lakeside, KLue Urbanscapes 2008, a bloke who sat next to me uttered to himself, "she's like an angel, you could feel the breeze coming now that she's singing".

Hearing those words had made me smiled to myself.

We do have brilliant singers + musicians around. The only problem is that most of them would not appeal to the masses. The lucky ones like The Ferns or Koko Kaina got picked by foreign labels for their uniqueness. It's not all that bad though, things are definitely getting better. More and more people appreciate and hunt for good music.

Probably because of the passion I had when discussing the local music indie scene, I was offered a short slot to feature a talent.


w00t! w00t!

We'll be featuring Rumi - which consists of Edan, Jimi, Imam Mbudz, Jazmi, Azmir and Aja tomorrow @ the Sunrise Jazz & Rhythm Festival 2008. They'll be sharing the stage with Farid Ali, Karen Nunis Blackstone and Bassgroove 100.

Do impress them boys, so that we can push more indie talents next year! :op

Support our local talents, folks!

Monday, July 28, 2008

How to find us?

Happy Monday, peeps!

To them who has just found us, a very big + warm welcome to all of you! :o)

We are having our 5th Bijou Bazaar this weekend y'all! And it's in Jeumpa D'ramo! If you don't already know where it is, Jeumpa D'ramo is the white bungalow on Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. It is just at the traffic light junction into Jalan Bangkung.

The address is 102 - 104, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar.

As usual, we'll be having the rainbow wind wheels in front of the bungalow, so that you won't miss it.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

About Being Fashionable: TV3 Remaja Feature

Pejay and Norita from the Bijou family were featured, speaking about fashion, in Episode 19 of TV3's Remaja programme aired yesterday; Saturday, 27 July 2008.

At the last installment in Strudels Cafe Lucky Garden Bangsar, I was worried at first when the journalist recorded "adakah anda fashion victim?" and had to explain that Bijou Bazaar encourages personal style and that people use elements from what's in fashion to complement their personal style. :op

Moreover, Yves Saint Laurent aptly put it 'fashion fades, style is eternal'.

I'm not sure if they understood what I meant but the feature turned out OK. So I'm back breathing as normal...

Pejay was wearing Badger's tee and jacket, while Norita had Cat in the Bowl's denim dress. Yes! We know the products our bijoux retail. :o)

A reminder:

Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D'ramo 03
Address: 102 - 104 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

2 - 3 August 2008

Operating Hours:
+ Saturday 11 a.m. till late
(MTV Asia Awards or an 80s movie screening, pending approval)
+ Sunday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

We hope to see you soon, folks!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Art of Noise

I love music and I listen to all genre, well what pleases the ears. I've been stalking this San Francisco based indie artist, Passion, for ages. I want you to listen to him doing an RnB Acoustic Medley of "Can't Help But Wait" by Trey Songz and "So Sick" by Ne-Yo

... and Passion doing a cover of 'Ordinary People', dope! <- do I sound young? :op

Go to YouTube to find more of his work. Happy Thursday, peeps!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Little Reminisce

Who can forget the simple playing cards like Old Maid, Donkey, Happy Family and Snap? They bring back fond memories indeed. Snap used to be my favourite, as a child. We'd normally play Snap in the classroom every opportunity we had. I would just slam down on other kids' hand macam org gila during a game of Snap.

We're holding our August 2008 installment soon, the 5th Bijou Bazaar before we take a short break. We'd like to bring back fond childhood memories through this organising.

You can organise play dates with your friends at Jeumpa D'ramo that weekend. What? You think only kids can have play dates ka? Adults can too ok! ;o)

There's a number of Old Maid, Donkey, Happy Family and Snap playing cards to go around. If you prefer the more 'intellectual' board games, I can only loan my Risk, Scrabble, Boggle, Pictionary (please bring your own write pad) or the ciplak Transformers Monopoly (I got it from Cash Converters. Hehe!). Otherwise, do bring your own playing cards or board games or batu seremban or selipar for a game of selipar tuju or getah, find a space and do your thing.

Do jot down these details on your Post-It pad:

Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D'ramo 03
Address: 102 - 104 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

2 - 3 August 2008

Operating Hours:
+ Saturday 11 a.m. till late
(MTV Asia Awards or an 80s movie screening, pending approval)

+ Sunday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

I'll see you folks soon! :o)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bijou Family: MimpiKita

As I walked up the stairs in Strudels Cafe Lucky Garden Bangsar during the last Bijou Bazaar weekend, I can't help but to be attracted to a stylish collection of products that are presented so beautifully, they ooze femininity and sophistication.

My first impression was that the owner of the corner must have travelled or is in the creative industry or was exposed to good designs since young, to have such taste. True enough, Nurul, who's father is an architect, is running her father's Kuala Lumpur branch and had studied in Brisbane, Australia. I had to be nosy and sent a bunch of questions for her to answer. :op

Tell us a bit about yourselves (name, location, affiliations, personal stuff).

We are sisters actually; Mira, Syera and myself, Nurul. We are from Johor Bahru. I'm now living with my hubby and my sister, Mira in Kuala Lumpur,while Syera is still studying in MMU, Melaka.

How did MIMPIKITA come about?

We've always dream of having a clothing line and home decor brand of our own.

The name came about while I was still studying, I did some research, came up with the logo and when I got back, I decided to start the business. I planned to have a boutique but I need to first build the brand and database of customers to make it viable to have the boutique and so we kicked start the business with an online boutique.

Apart from MIMPIKITA, what do you girls do?

I'm currently working with my dad, managing his company (KL branch) and when I do have some spare time, I'll work on the setting up of MIMPIKITA, find suppliers and making jewellery for MIMPIKITA. Mira is currently working at an advertising company in Kuala Lumpur.

In ten years I'd like to be ...

In ten years time, our vision is to become a leading corporate entity with 'MIMPIKITA' as a well known brand not only limited to clothing, accessories and home decor but also covering a range of home/office stationaries and gifts.

So, what are you waiting for? Do visit their links:

If you like, do pop over at the next Bijou Bazaar. The sisters will be with us again. :o)

Happy Monday, peeps!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Long Time No Write

Hi peeps!

I know, it's been ages since we post anything worth reading here. It's just announcement, after announcement, after announcement. :op

Sorry ...

Anyways, we were in Bandung recently. Konon-konon jalan-jalan, cari makan and somehow we were dragged to Jeune Magazine ( Animal Issue Release Party @ Rumah Buku. Guess who we saw singing?


... ok, not many people would know Tika or Kartika Jahja ( but she is a fashion accessories designer, who has done back up singing for Lauryn Hill, way back when she was a student in Seattle and had had her song compiled in 'Janji Joni' sountrack album as well.

Yes, she's that good + I'm a big fan. Now, imagine my excitement!

Anyways, in a track from her 'Defrosted Love Songs' album, called 'Under Their Feet', she moaned and screamed. Yes, that very sound some people make. I've always been curious and wondered if she'd do it, singing live ... and at the magazine launch, she did.


Now, I can move on.

I leave you with Under Their Feet - Tika

Have a brilliant weekend, folks! :o)

Writer's Note: My goodness ... look at how rentung I was a weekend after KLue Urbanscapes! Like my teeth suddenly appeared shiny white. :op

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ticketing Outlets: Mocca Live in Kuala Lumpur


KL Venue : Zouk Club KL
Date : 17 August 2008 (Sunday)
Time : 4 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Supporting Acts

+ Estrella -
+ Funky Doryz -
+ Apple Juice -
+ The Rhaman -
+ The Friday's -
+ Robot Asmara -
+ Decma & the Could Have Been -

Pre-Sale : RM 50 + RM 2 handling fee
Door : RM 60 + RM 2 handling fee

Ticketing Outlets

Strudels Cafe Great Eastern Mall
Lot 16 Ground Floor, Great Eastern Mall, No. 303 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Strudels Cafe Lucky Garden Bangsar
No 25 Lorong Ara Kiri Satu, Lucky Garden Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

Bandar Sunway
Wegra : 012.398.9849
Collection Point : McDonold's OR Batavia Cafe, PJS 8 Dataran Mentari Bandar Sunway

Subang Jaya
Ita : 012.607.3011
Collection Point : Mamak Bistro, Seksyen 14 Subang Jaya

Petaling Jaya
Mat : 016.686.3350
Tompa : 017.350.7390
Joen : 014.360.6104

Izhar : 017.204.4075

Universiti Malaya
Fauzi : 012.910.6598

Lab Rat Jam Studios
41A Jalan Lawan Pedang 13/27, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam

Studio Akarkarya
1A Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bijou Bazaar @ Strudels Cafe Lucky Garden Bangsar

Honey, we're back!!!

For them who missed KLue Urbanscapes 2008 + them who's missing Rainforest World Music Festival 2008 + them who had just had their gaji out + them who just want to hangout + shop with us ... we bring Bijou Bazaar @ Strudels Cafe!

Bijou Bazaar @ Strudels Cafe
No 25 Lorong Ara Kiri 1, Lucky Garden Bangsar

12 - 13 July 2008 (Saturday + Sunday)
Operating Hours: 11 am - 9 pm

Yes, it's just next door to CIMB Bank ...

*wink, wink*

If you are clueless as where is Strudels Cafe Lucky Garden Bangsar, it's the corner shop lot behind the old wing Bangsar Village.

We will be featuring two Bandung based indie clothing labels:

+ Badger
+ Anti-Beauty

... think Topshop + Topman, Miss Selfridge, Forever 21, Zara's TRF but at a fraction of the price!

and, of course, our very own bijoux

+ ArkadeKami
+ Mimpi by Murni
+ Millie of Devotee
+ Button My Buttons
+ Teetees
+ Saya Sukalah
+ Mimpi Kita
+ She Bop
+ e-Shop Talk
+ Not Frumpy
+ Cat in a Bowl Boutique
+ Curvy Chics

+ Fashionistas selling their pre-loved items

+ Albums + EPs by local + Bandung based indie bands + singers

: Inspirational Joni
: Roti
: Witherspoon
: Malique
: KLG Sqwad
: Private Whizz
: DJ Fuzz
: Nadia's Picture Show

Psst! We're somehow extremely attracted to the snippet of the song 'Kau Yang Punya' by Malique feat Najwa. The pair raised the roof in this track, with Najwa's soulful warmth that cradles the listener from beginning to end. Najwa somehow reminded me of Marsha Ambrosius of Floetry. Check the clip out!

Better still, make your way to Bijou Bazaar @ Strudels Cafe this weekend to get hold of a copy of Malique's album. :o)

+ Mocca Malaysia Tour 2008 tickets

+ Art Exhibition: Paintings by Imuda

Saturday Acoustic Set 3 pm

+ Goliwok
+ Tasya Basir (MyStarz LG Winner)

Chill Out Sunday

+ Carricature by Imuda & friends
+ Numerology

*we are still updating*