Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunrise Jazz & Rhythm Festival 2008

I was at a meeting with Sunrise Berhad, when we spoke of the local music indie scene. As usual, I had to share with them the talents who have graced our stage and the impact some of them had on our patrons.

Like the instance when Aisya Hasnaa was singing at The Lakeside, KLue Urbanscapes 2008, a bloke who sat next to me uttered to himself, "she's like an angel, you could feel the breeze coming now that she's singing".

Hearing those words had made me smiled to myself.

We do have brilliant singers + musicians around. The only problem is that most of them would not appeal to the masses. The lucky ones like The Ferns or Koko Kaina got picked by foreign labels for their uniqueness. It's not all that bad though, things are definitely getting better. More and more people appreciate and hunt for good music.

Probably because of the passion I had when discussing the local music indie scene, I was offered a short slot to feature a talent.


w00t! w00t!

We'll be featuring Rumi - which consists of Edan, Jimi, Imam Mbudz, Jazmi, Azmir and Aja tomorrow @ the Sunrise Jazz & Rhythm Festival 2008. They'll be sharing the stage with Farid Ali, Karen Nunis Blackstone and Bassgroove 100.

Do impress them boys, so that we can push more indie talents next year! :op

Support our local talents, folks!

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missosixnine said...

"she's like an angel, you could feel the breeze coming now that she's singing"

Aisya wld probably shed a tear reading tht. hehe!