Monday, December 29, 2008

Creative Mafia: When the Worlds of Art and Fashion Collide

The art world and the fashion pack can't seem to stop rolling around in the hay together, and what consequently emerges from the unmarried mothers' home is often the most beautiful of offspring. From Yves Saint Laurent's Piet Mondrian dresses in the 1960s to Stella McCartney's recent collaboration with Jeff Koons, the love affair between the art and fashion has been passionate.

We'll be curating an exhibition of work by the youth designers based on this premise this 9 - 11 January 2009, in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur for Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09 y'all!

A sneak peak at some of the work?

Hmmmmmmm ... ok!

"Miss Plasterdoll"

"The Fashion-na-nimal from the Fashion Forest"

OK, that's all we can show ya.

Be there, if you want to see more!

*wink, wink*



Plasterdoll said...

Thanks for the sneak preview! I'm really looking forward to the event :)

Kaye Ridzuan said...

Lets change link ? me at and i had already put your link up on my blog :-P

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...


my pleasure. :o)


hahahaha ... i'm sorry dear ... youth 09 was too chaotic, my plans went all haywire. :op

but you've got good stuff at your stall ... love the tarts. ;o)

i.itch.illustrations said...

Thanks to Bijou Bazaar for this great opportunity. My girls had a great fun last weekend! Looking forward another great event by Bijou.