Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Window @ Art for Grabs

We've been away!

Had a window at the Annexe's 'Art for Grabs' last weekend. It was a blast, we had fun! The art + craft items being sold there made us gasped. KLAB 2008, which was held a floor below us was a bonus. We brought home free books as well + was challenged to better ourselves, being surrounded by the industry's heavyweights. Seriously, a truly humbling experience.

Two of our traders were there:
- Take.Me (http://takemeonline.blogspot.com/)
- Cassettee (http://cassettee.blogspot.com/)

We had the honour of being the sales assistants to two brilliant talents, who happened to be our neighbours, whenever they decided to disappear. :op

Do visit their links:


Akmal described himself as a proud analogue-ist, he uses analogue cameras only and made the prints individually himself. He had converted his bedroom into a dark room + sleeps on the floor in his living room, so he claimed. No buttons were harmed during the process, he joked, when one customer asked about his prints.


Fahmi Reza needs no introduction, '10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka' was a brilliant + important work to have been produced recently. He's now working on another documentary, a sequel to '10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka', to be released in October 2008, called 'Revolusi '48'.

(Yes! That's Dee of Threads Zoo with us)

Remember the Bijou Bazaar acoustic set? There was this tall hunk who accompanied KokoKaina? Would like to know more about him?

Up next! ;o)


John said...

we photographers are a cruel lot - we like to capture, shoot, frame and hang things...
happy to know the cats are framed. =)

so when is your next bazaar?

btw, my friend has been running this i-bands.net forum and has successfully organised a few gig in laundry. last time i checked, hes trying to contact koko kaina for maybe a gig after being impressed by her youtube performance. maybe you could let her know my friend (ajeep) is trying to contact her? cheers!

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

hey you! hahahahaha ... was with Dee yesterday evening in OU ... she excitedly pointed to me into the direction of a bloke, thinking it was you. :op

we should catch up. the next bazaar will be on the 31 may + 1 june weekend. dee will be there, doing the bbq. datang ok, parking wouldn't cost a bomb at ours, in fact it's free. just park along jalan bangkung.

koko kaina visits this blog every now + then ... will cut + paste the message. the only problem is, she's leaving for LA this month, for her album. she's now signed.

John said...

oh no! i have a wedding shoot on the 31st in JB! @_@

yes, parking is not a bomb anywhere BUT central market =D

going to be in laundry on the 15th for an event shoot. come on over if you have the time - its a free gig. =) i dont know whos playing though...=P

oh, and btw, Dee, if youre reading this, if you're free sometimes and you dont mind me shooting you for your folio (and mine!) let me know. =)

Wegra @ Bijou Bazaar said...

14 May Marie Digby, One Utama
15 May The Laundry i think it's some reggae + ska music going on

maybe i'll pop by with dee, if she's not working.