Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bursting at the Seams

As much as we want to make space for everyone who wants to flaunt their wares at our bazaar, we are currently bursting at the seams. Unless you've registered your interest earlier, we are not able to accept anymore traders for both Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D'ramo 02 + Bijou Bazaar @ KLue Urbanscapes 2008. We are really, really, really sorry. :o(

Unless you don't mind a car boot sale, literally, at the car park area in front of Jeumpa D'ramo...

Even then, there'll be limited space because Cosmopolitan magazine wants to park their mobile gig + handout giveaways to the crowd.

But, we thank you for the interest + we'll keep you folks posted for our bigger installment, soon, hopefully. :o)


fara / ly-d said...

bou-yah, bi-jou!!

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...


Anonymous said...

have you found teh bottle?

jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

babe, nanti u let me know my booth no yah? thank u babe...

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...


teh botol found! reminded jeumpa d'ramo to place the order. ;o)


tuesday the latest, i will send out details to all traders. :o)

thanks dear!

i know i can only envy your bhajus, maybe i'll be able to buy your accessories. :op

Anonymous said...

Teh Botol Sastro? wow
miss em a lot..
-zai blisstation production-

jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

i shall try this teh botol, everybody seems to be raving about.... me thinks i'm gonna be buying more from u...ha..ha..

CURVYCHICS... said...

Hi gurls,

Can let us know where Curvychics booth will be? We're slightly large make sure got space for us to move ya hahahaha....

Curvychics (Angeline)

Evacaely said...

Can u pls add us among the list of craft traders on the side of your blog . Thanks . :)

juicylicious said...

Can't wait to see you gals!
Teh botol sosro laa heehee!
I found some in The Weld during lunch the other day. The best ice tea for tea lover like me!
I'll be letting go some pre~loved items and couple new shoes of mine so let's check out each other k!

John said...

too bad i cant join in. all the best!

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

zai of bliss station

wahhh ... sounds like i've got a lot of competition here ...

note to self: buy 2 dozens of teh botol before the bazaar starts

angeline of curvychics

finalising the floor plan + programme, will be in touch soon


second group is coming up in a bit

gorgeous chic

can't wait to hangout with all of you ... lets take loads of crazy pictures. ;o)

john a.k.a. akmal

yeah ... the wedding in johor eh? are you going to the same kenduri as yuna?

i don't have your number, am interested to feature your work as well ... especially the gig pictures ... they're awesome!

mail me @ please, a sweet sugar coated please

John said...

sent! =)

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

received. :o)