Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D'ramo 02

Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D’ramo is back! Bigger! Crazier! Featuring upcoming independent designers, e-boutiques, rookie crafters, xxx-treme crafters, 80s vintage, secondhand clothing, little knick knacks and of course, food + beverage so that you don't have to drive out for ‘makan’.

Jeumpa D'ramo will be serving their signature murtabak and banana + chocolate popiah. I heard that they may be sourcing for Sosro's Teh Botol and Fruit Tea to be sold at the bazaar. Now I don't have to fly to Jakarta for my Teh Botol fix, hmmmm ... I wonder if they can blend a Jus Alpukat for me.


The Threadszoo Zookeepers will be with us as well! The barabicu chics will be serving us a barbecue buffet spread.

No, no zoo animal will be harmed.

Oh, we need to follow up with the yogurt ice cream people to confirm if they are coming as well.

(Sorry, peeps! I've not had my lunch nor breakfast, hence the food talk first. :op)

Since we are in the Indonesian theme, we're happy to announce that we will be having a preview to Bandung based indie label, Airplane Systm, on Sunday at the bazaar. The full range will be made available during Bijou Bazaar @ KLue Urbanscapes 2008.


Want more? Go here http://www.airplanesystm.com/homepage/

On the acoustic stage, we'll be featuring a local DIY band, as they called themselves, which will be doing their Indonesian tour in June 2008, Oh Chentaku!

Initially, they were supposed to share the stage with Yuna (www.myspace.com/yunaroomrecords), but she'll have to attend a family kenduri in Johor that weekend.


Let us share with you a video clip of Yuna doing a cover of Oh Chentaku's song, Polaroid, while we continue working to make sure Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D'ramo 02 is way crazier! ;o)


Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D'ramo teamAfizul + Jefri (12 Records), Erra/Wegra/Maryam (I go by all 3 names, sorry for the confusion), Amanda (Jeumpa D'ramo), Elly


alia detsiwt said...

m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for teh botol. but please dont sell em for RM2.50 sekotak. my maid was laughing at me for complaining. adoi.

yay airplane. yay bijou. yay all.

yay bulan ni last kerja~!!

bijou 02 gila macam celebration!!

juicylicious said...

i love teh botol so much!!! best! best!
wow so happening la this 2nd round makes me feel supaexcited! LOL!
wegra, can u lemme know the details pls or do you miss me out? :(
anyway, my precious necklace need some minor repair from you la eheh!

Wegra @ Bijou Bazaar said...


*joins alia crossing fingers + toes*

i love teh botol gaks!!! and i'm fast falling for airplane systm ...

jangan lupa change of bhajus, i might throw you into the pool!

*evil laughter*

gorgeous chic

i've booked a spot for you, you are no 21 on the list. i know you won't fong fei kei me ... i'll forward the details soon ...

thewailer said...

kudos to the team, you guys rock!

Anonymous said...

the bazaar..

issit open for all or by invitation only?

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...


trying to rock. :op


we are inviting you ... do share with your closest friends, dear. :o)

manster said...

eh,cantek la gambar group ni.
i'm looking forward for froggies cdj..n the teh botol too.think the crowd is going wild for Bijou..
come come,come all..more sexayyy..

shaz said...

hmm everyone really into the teh botol??y eh?sedap ke??haven't try before..i think i shud try..btw cik maryam may i know my booth no?? n also can u link my blog at urs?? sayasukalah.blogspot.com


alia detsiwt said...

not everyone loves teh botol sosro. hahaha... but we sure do love em.

but everyone i intro airplane to, loves airplane...

so, yayy!!!

wegra, YOU better bring change of everything,.. i'll most def dunk u!