Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tank Chair by Pharrell Williams


How did your Wednesday go?

We hope it's all sunshine + rainbows at your end. :o)

Last night, we were real busy surfing the net when a piece of furniture sent our imagination wild.


Meet Tank Chair by Pharrell Williams

OK, OK, we get ...

... true, without a person sitting on the chair, they look awkward. Aesthetically, they are vulgar, but they actually represent hip-hop perfectly. Don't you think? We love them anyway for the fact that they have a nice bit of fun about them.

It'd be awesome to have in the office ...

"Get out of my way fellow workers, my chair is secretly a TANKER!"

"OK people, we have to battle to get the job done ... rev up your machine!"


Pharrell Williams doesn't believe that there should be any boundaries to creativity, now the super producer + big time rapper is designing furniture.

You are what you think!

Hmmmm ... Pharrell looks good sitting on them chairs, we'll have another picture of him ... and the chair. ;op

Bonne nuit a tous!

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