Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stalked: Evangelione's Handmade

Peeps who's been following Bijou Bazaar blog from earlier on would have noticed our infatuation with homegrown + handmade. We have been stalking quite a number of Malaysian crafters on the Blogger network + we feel like sharing one with you. It's always a pleasure to watch the stride they make in growing their crafts + how their work mature.

Yup! Just the one we're sharing this week, a crafter who's work we really, really love. But we might change our mind + share more stalked talents here. We'll see... ;o)

Evangelione's Handmade first caught our attention at 'Arts for Grab' circa 2008. If you frequent the Annexe's arts + craft market or 'Pipit Wonderful Market', you would be familiar with Evangelione's rather exquisite + poetic work.


Before you blokes go rolling your eyes + conclude that the only reason we were attracted to Evangelione's Handmade was because the work are girly + cute, let us tell you, it's more than that. Mind you, the writer has never owned a doll in her life, though that might change shortly. ;op

Evangelione's Handmade dabbles with crafts like card making ...

... dollhouse miniatures ...

... and a few other crafts but it was her handmade dolls which spoke to us. Like Mr Bunny below, there's this lingering tired sadness about him, while his other friends carry different emotions.

Curious, we spoke to Tako, the Johor Bahru based lass behind the brand to know Evangelione's Handmade better.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello^^ I'm Yeo Mei Ying but my friends call me Tako. I am currently a full time crafter and I work from home. I love all things beautiful, I love colours, I love so many things but I love crafting the most. I am quite a shy person and I am not very good at communicating, I have a weird habit of not picking up phone calls, I know it is bad but I just can't help it. I can't hold a good conversation with people whom I just met. Oh, I am bad tempered too. =.=

BB: all that that you've described says you are a creative + passionate person but we found you rather pleasant over the email, just aced a form of communication there. ;o)

2. Tell us more about Evangelione + your creation.

I started to use Evangelione as my email since almost ten years ago, it was just a name I use on forums and so on, and then I started to blog, so I used it as my blog name as well til now and it became my brand name. My work are mostly dolls, accessories and dollhouse miniature, I have a doll name Audrey, who is the little girl who lives inside me, she tells my secret, she speaks for me. I believe every girl does too, have a little girl living inside you, the real you, or the girl you wanted to be.

3. What has been the most exciting part/thing to happen since setting Evangelione?

I have to say it's the people I met. I met so many wonderful people who have been supporting me all the way, friends or crafts friends who are with me whenever, in whatever situation, I am very grateful for having them around.

4. Apart from creating those lovely dolls, what do you do?

Actually I love everything about crafts, I like to try everything. Apart from making dolls, I am also fond of dollhouse miniatures, as a matter of fact, I started Evangelione with dollhouse miniatures, then I went into doll making. Besides crafting, I love collecting beautiful things too.

5. What first made you want to become a crafter? What prompted you to start?

Crafts has always been a important thing in my life, I love create things, and I think it is in my blood, I just have to do it! No matter what! >_<

6. Name your top 5 books, movies, musics + website.

books: The little star dweller by Yoshitomo Nara, "Kawaii Tezukuri Zakka 1000 No Shugei", Design of Designe by Kenya Hara, Paumes.

movies: I seldom watch movie, but anything with lots of beautiful details and great scene inspire me.

musics: Angus and Julia Stone, Chen Qi Zhen, Kimya Dawson, Solanin soundtrack, Band of Horses

website: Paumes . Nunu's House . Hello Sandwich . Handmade Craft . Etsy

7. How do you promote your work?

I try to get my work to be seen and not over do it at the same time, I believe work that is made with the heart and love will promote itself, so you don't really have to do much if you put effort on the work. But I do show my work on Flickr, Facebook and my own blog, I'm also lucky enough get feature on several beautiful blogs (like Bijou!), these really helped.

BB: awh ... that's nice of you :o) but like you pointed out, work which speaks with an authentic voice draws people, we were drawn to feature you in our blog.

8. In 10 years time, where would you want to be?

Perhaps I can still do what I love to do and keep crafting, I am not a person with a big ego, I just want to live a simple life and keep on crafting!

BB: thanks very much Tako for making time answering our questions. Keep on crafting ya? :o)

Folks, do support Tako at Evangelione's Handmade (and if you want to see Evangelione's Handmade at our installments, shout so!)



Patty's Cottage said...

definately want to see her on bijou installment:)she is a great crafter:)nice featured:)

bijoubazaar said...

hey pat! thanks for leaving a note, long time no see, lets organise something so that we can all gather again like the good old days. :o)

ricebabies said...

I have one of her dolls, wordless......the beauty, the talent. AMAZING.

If you collect dolls, you need one.

Ana Camamiel said...

This is very interesting, I enjoyed very much knowing more about Tako. I´m completely in love with her creations, she is a wonderful artist.

wonderkitten said...

Congrate to Tako ^.^
Nice featuring!

bijoubazaar said...


even if you're not a collector, you would want them. :o)

Ana Camamiel

couldn't agree more with you, she's definitely a wonderful artist.


hey you! thanks for dropping by ya? :o)