Friday, April 30, 2010

Kimia by Melda Ahmad

Melda Ahmad is a familiar face at Bijou Bazaar. We often see her sitting quietly helping her sister with sales, but we never knew she write songs + sings beautifully.

We were pleasantly surprised to listen to her song recently. 'Kimia' or chemistry is a love song about two people sharing a chemistry + ended up together in the end. We just love the innocence in her voice. Listening to the tune made us somewhat nostalgic about our youthful years.

Oh well, hope it's all sunshine + rainbows where you're at this weekend. If everything's well, we're off to Seremban, a town south of Kuala Lumpur, this weekend for our alumna school visit. A walk down memory lane with the girlfriends, looking forward to that.

Oh ... oh ... to Baby + Mr A who first met at Bijou Bazaar, sitting by the pool, Happy 2nd Anniversary you two! :o)


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