Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

How are we supporting Earth Hour 2009?

Nope. We're not holding any event to commemorate Earth Hour 2009, not that we don't believe in its plight, we do.

We advocate shoppers to recycle plastic/paper carrier bags + bring their own canvas tote bags. We advocate supporting handmade + locally made products because of the lower carbon footprint of getting the products to you. We believe buying pre loved + vintage reduces the number of fashion items going to the dumpsite. Internet shopping helps too, we believe. We carpool + use the public transport. We refuse plastic bags when we shop + carry the shopping receipts with us, just in case the shop security guard stops us for finding merchandise in our tote bags. :op

We do believe every single one of us need to take action on Global Warming.

This Saturday, 28 March at 8:30 pm, we'll be staying at home with our family + loved ones, switch off the lights for one hour - earth hour, to watch the night sky + spend time with each other. It's more eco friendly that way. :o)

Have a brilliant weekend + take care of yourself + each other.


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