Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bulu Bulu Studio Doodles for Sunburst KL '09

It's hard not to love the work by Bulu Bulu Studio + guess what? They'll be with us at Sunburst KL '09. Sunburst KL peeps are giving Bulu Bulu Studio folks two white tarpaulin canvases to work on, so I think they'll probably do a black + white doodle like what they did on the high heels.

Can't wait for their final work to be erected on the grounds!


Mini Meows said...

Hey any idea where I can get the plain white shoes like that?

If you do please email me :

Thanks .

lilstitchy said...

wehh.. love it so much!! =)

baby said...

wohh..its so awesome!

schnna said...

diz high heels belongs to my fiance's niece..wawa..najwa mokhtar