Monday, March 2, 2009

ASTRO Kirana Short Film Awards 2008/09

If you were at Creative Mafia @ YOUTH '09, you would have noticed that right at the back of the main hall, we had a mini film screening featuring a selection of independent short films by our young creative talents. Bijou being Bijou, we had allowed our participants to paint the canvas, they were given the freedom + trust to inject whatever they wanted into the event. It was only after Tangga Group + Filmmakers Anonymous had curated their slots, we found out that most of the short films to be featured were touching on sensitive issues.

Erk! At a mainstream event?! Ah well, all's well that ends well. Lucky the main people were too busy fussing over their corporate sponsors + people from the Ministry. :op

Amongst them was 'Kilaf' by Emelly Saad + 'Qalam' by Hadi Koh, who is also one of them creative people behind Tangga Group. We're happy to know that both short films were in the Top 10 nominees at the recent ASTRO Kirana Short Film Awards 2008/09.

We're proud of them! :o)

(Am so getting an autograph from Hadi at the next ARTrage Lab @ Soho KL. Ngeh! Ngeh! Ngeh!)

Oh yeah ... is Korn really going to be in Sunburst KL this year?

If they are, really, you have to find a way to be there because trust me, their energy will be brilliant! When I was *cough* younger, I was at their Manchester Apollo gig + it was awesome! I was buzzing still the next day, when I was in the exam hall, trying to answer my Macroeconomics paper. :op

I leave you with 'Falling Away From Me' by Korn


Wegra @ Bijou Bazaar

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