Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thru Haikal's Lens

He came carrying an awesome kit with him, which made our jaws drop. Just look at his pictures!!!

*turning green*

If you want more, do visit his blog at

Psst! We're yet to see the official video. Will post when it's ready. If you kenot tahan oredi ... here's a video by Xumb (thanks mate!) + there's more where that came from. :o)

Poppy - KokoKaina


xumb said...

hey no problemo lah! quite honored to have my video featured other than on my own blog hahaha! oh i did a small review about kokokaina here

BETTY A. said...

rugi tak pegi hari sabtu...mcm lg besh jer...hohohooh

Herobear said...

thank you thank you(tersipu-sipu). Lets all thank 'the man' for letting me use the camera.(tha-man-PIPA) and also lets thank 'the boss aka Baby' for giving me the opportunity.peace!

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...


thank you AGAIN!

so people, visit


betty a.

tu laa sebenarnya, but we've learned from the first, and we hope to make both days equally action packed


amboi! ada award acceptance speech!!


thank YOU!

echo machine said...

hahahahahahah... okay haikal... we'll do it again soon yo! w00t!

tiena said...

weggy,so sowwee cudnt make it!:P it looked like so much fun,so rugi la i..

Herobear said...

hahahaha.acknowledgement adalah sangat perlu to show more closeness.

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

echo machine + tiena

we're doing this again, soon!!!


good point! go show closeness!!!