Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jeumpa D'ramo

Jeumpa D'ramo means 'berkumpul di serambi' in Acehnese. It is a boutique hotel, which is not yet commercialised situated on Jalan Maarof.

Jeumpa D'ramo is the white bungalow situated at the traffic light junction of Jalan Bangkung (leading to Sek Keb Bukit Bandaraya and The Attic). If you are from Mid Valley or Jalan Bangsar, Jeumpa D'ramo would be on your left and if you are from BSC, it is the bungalow on your right.

We will be decorating the fences with BIG rainbow wind wheels. Do look out for them. :o)

A peek at the venue ...

It would be advisable for all to park your cars along Jalan Bangkung.

Jeumpa D'ramo
102 - 104 Jalan Maarof


fara / ly-d said...

you've been stalking blogs that mention koko kaina!! :)

will try to make it there - me not a venturer of bangsar-ville.. so it may take awhile to figure out the directions

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

i had to ... the confirmation came in late. that's the best way. :op

Mommy's Boys said...

When is the next Bijou Bazaar at Jeumpa d'ramo? I missed it twice due to confinement.....
- mrs fizjedar-