Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jaipur's Odhni

Another micro retailer, Nahlah, has voiced her interest to be part of the Bijou Bazaar family - Nahlah specialises in 'odhni'.

(Don't worry, I scratched my head as well when I heard the word 'odhni'.)

Apparently, at the remote villages of Bihar, close to the India/Nepal border, men and women work at home on hand looms to create colourful fabrics, including the traditional scarves called 'odhni'. For centuries, young women have worn the simple garment as head scarves. The scarf, with its multiple stripes of royal blue, crimson, magenta, and teal, is a great lightweight travel piece, and can be used in various styles.

You can be creative and turn them into head scarves, belts, and anything your creative mind can think of. Oh! I like that challenge and I thought of them images when I heard the call:
(useful to cover the low neckline or a bad hairday, in a stylish manner. :op)
(images from

watch this space!

Note to readers: Psst! Whilst studying in the UK, Nahlah attended a make-up artist school part-time in Paris. Oh yes! She's really good. The only reason she's not doing it professionally is because she's a computer genius by profession. If you're like me, who's clueless when it comes to make-up, maybe you can seek her services to doll you up for a special occasion. ;o)


Anonymous said...

cool! i'm interested to see the they come in plain ie: no strips?!

Bijou Bazaar Team said...


That was fast!

Still, thanks for dropping by.

I will get Nahlah to answer that shortly.


n|ns said...

hi anonymous,

unfortunately, this type doesn't come in plain colours.

will get some plain coloured ones as well, but of different type. :) said...

c u there tomor,weggy!;)

ruby ahmad said...

I like these scarves. Can I ask how much is it? Ada lagi?

Meghan said...

I love these scarves! How can I get one? Is there a way to purchase online?