Wednesday, August 22, 2007

e-Shop Talk

We have good news for the fashionitas!
An e-shop operator is contemplating in joining the Bijou Bazaar family, an alternative to the bold and funky wear being retailed by La Petite Penderie, e-Shop Talk offers gorgeous girlie clothing as well as girlie fashion accessories (and I can't believe the price tag, definitely below market price).

Some of what they have in stock:

If you like what you see and you want them to be at the bazaar, say so in the comment box (but don't laa say aye and not drop by to support their business at the bazaar). Ala-ala Afdlin Shauki ... we say, "power to the people!"


Note to readers: The e-Talk Shop owner, Anis, is a freelance translator as well; she specialises in Japanese translation. You know where to find her!


Anonymous said...

wow nice bags come to the bazaar i'll buy your bags

Anonymous said...

waa..very nice join the bazaar..

Bijou Bazaar Team said...

Thanks very much for participating peeps!

Do drop by this weekend.

:o) said...

verrry nice e-shop stuffs..i'll definitely come over this weekend if they're there.;)

alongariff said...

eshoptalk has invaded the place!!

hope to see u soon (again)!, kiki =)

Anonymous said...

oooh great stuff!!!

i want the gold bag purleassee...

Bijou Bazaar Team said...


thank you for dropping by the blog



we've met? and you didn't introduce yourself?

it looks like i'd be going "are you alongariff?", to everyone who comes into the bazaar the whole weekend! :op


ok ... pack up the gold bag already!


n|ns said...

the long purses... i like!!

Nasreen said...

oooh i like the red bag!

Erra of Bijou Bazaar Team said...

nins + nasreen

I know ... I went crazy looking at the images!

The thing with micro retailers, they don't carry much stock. And there's an old saying 'the early bird catch the worm'.

I plan to be early!


E-Shoptalk said...

Hi peeps. Glad that you like our stuff. :)
We'd be at Bijou Bazaar this weekend & don't be shy to say hi to us!! :)

Anonymous said...

Anis, such a nice blogspot you create!! Kochi kara ooen suru yo =)


Anonymous said...

omg i love the long purses too!!!