Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dato' Shake @ Bijou Bazaar

The Bijou Bazaar Team would like to thank Dato' Shake for making time to launch PEWANIDA Charity Bazaar, being hosted at Bijou Bazaar, this morning, eventhough he was leaving for Paris shortly after. He was kind enough to present roses to the single mothers trading at the charity bazaar.

PEWANIDA Charity Bazaar is open daily at Jaya Shopping Centre sidewalk, between 1901 kiosk and a Korean restaurant, until 10 September 2007.

Images by Nadia Shazrin (


Anonymous said...

Bijou bazaar ada klass,eh!! ..??next to Dato' Shake??

Bijou Bazaar Team said...


Thank you for your comment.

Honestly, we are still in our infancy, we are still working to find the best ratail mix to be offered to the market.

Dato' Shake is definitely in a different league. We are blessed and thankful though for his support.