Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Love is All Around

We had the pleasure of hanging out with Chin Yew, the bloke behind 'The Boy Who Loved Clouds', last Saturday at KLDW Secret Tents area in CapSquare. He introduced us to the folks under 30dayartist, we spotted some work, which got us real excited. We were throwing banters + exchanging pleasantries when Chin Yew shoved his latest work into my hand.

'A Love Letter' the title read.

Intrigued, I retired to a quiet corner to read.

It was the sweetest comic I've ever read! Mid reading the comic, I had Talentime OST - 'Angel' by Atilia playing in my head. 'A Love Letter' is about the intense fireworks of falling in love + the pain it entails. No spoiler intended, go get hold a copy if you're curious.

'A Love Letter', which is printed on recycled paper, is a self-published comic to mark the recent Earth Day. It is limited to 100 copies only + is selling at RM 10. Oh! and I own one.

w00t! w00t!

I'd say it's the perfect gift to tell that someone who sends you to utopia, where you feel everything is perfect, that they just did. Maybe we can invite Chin Yew to the upcoming Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D'ramo in May 2009. ;o)

My favourite from the strip:

We leave you with Talentime OST - 'Angel' by Atilia



fara-fatihah said...

hey babe. i was there when u were chit chatting with em.i got myself a copy of the love letter and went to watch talentime the same night.
just like u,the moment i read the 'love letter' terus the song 'angel' came across my head.
regards to ur baby!

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

oh wow! :o)

i think it's iwan-g's baby you're talking about. ;o)


chinyew said...

thanks Maryam for the review!

would love to be at your next



Anonymous said...

Gratz ChinYew


teru said...

great work aaacho and tuty!! never thought that you gonna be a entrepreneur.... proud of it!! hope to see you guy's!!

*clue - show me the money!!

Anonymous said...

terrible site la dis


Anonymous said...

aah..wannabes!try to ciplak threadzoo's idea!!not original & rip off!

sorang gemok boroi kacamata mcm monyet

sorang lagi bagi susu anak terkeluat tetek hitam!

Anonymous said...

Bijou dah boring lah..tak sistematik langsung

bijou bazaar said...

on hindsight, dee + wei chien are far smarter to be 'anonymous'. they have better respect for others to know that posting vulgarity here is disrespectful to the featured talent as well. we now recognise the language used + 'rip off' as your favourite term. please jangan melaga-lagakan orang.

Anonymous said...

Laga laga orang? Plz..not sure wat u mean with vulgarity. Usik sikit dah sensitif da...dono y u byk sangat member kat FB..kite tak jeles, cuma terkilan coz u ni tak terurus langsong! Jgn mare dek..

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

don't worry dear, this is not anger. :o)

it's just that there's a stark difference between defamation + criticism. thanks very much for shedding light, that's very kind of you. and again, you're being rude to chin yew.

teru said...

huh... nie pung nak kontrov lak!! aku nak laga kan kau lah reyam ngan taylor swift ... wek!!

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

boleh jugak jerry. ong mel psycho.

teru said...

hahahaha lepas tu boleh berduet nyanyi love song together-gether... hang jangan tak tahu dalam computer aku ada lagu nie he he he he

p/s:- semalam aku beli DVD HIM he he he