Friday, February 13, 2009

Bijou Bazaar @ Soho KL this Valentine's weekend

Bijou Bazaar @ Soho KL
Date: 14-15 February 2009 (Sat+Sun)
Venue: Soho KL, Solaris Mont'Kiara
Operating Hours: 2:00pm - 10:00pm

Who'll be with us this Valentine's weekend?

+ Art Syndrome -
+ Chocolah -
+ Dotiro -
+ Glampot -
+ LaQoo -
+ Mia & Mika -
+ Mimpi by Murni -
+ Old Blossom Box -
+ Soak Republic -
+ Taste Buzz -
+ Taste Invasion -
+ Wada's Wardrobe -

... and more! FeedMyLamb! will be there selling wall decals for them wanting to pimp their wall. We've got fashionistas from Jeumpa D'ramo days back with their pre loved items to let go + Yuna will be joining us as well to let go some of her pre loved items + sell her EPs as well! So, them looking for her EP, make way to Soho KL this weekend y'all! ;o)

Saturday 14 February 2009
Acoustic Session 3 pm - 6 pm


The Mix Land 8 pm til late

+ fitrelic
+ hebbo



Anonymous said...

Why dont you guys do at Great Eastern Mall for the next Bijou ?

Anonymous said...

I was there yesterday. It took me 30mins to finished my rounds. I tot its gona b big, since u mentioned its one of d biggest....but I was kinda disappointed as I expected more. -Dissatisfied-

wegra @ bijou bazaar said...

Anonymous I

if Great Eastern Mall is receptive, we might just. ;o)

Anonymous II

hi there! thank you for your feedback. :o)

but can i check, with whom did you speak to? i've just spoken to iwan, neither one of us told anyone that this was going to be big. it's a normal bijou, but with valentine's weekend sayang2ness. ;o)

we did operate at full capacity of 80 vendors though, they were divided into 2 atriums. we were not able to go any bigger, as we have a responsibility to our vendors.

nonetheless, thank you for dropping by bijou last weekend, hope you did support the vendors + shopped til you drop. :o)