Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kelly's Handbags

Kelly has been with us for the past month and every single time, I'll have a tug of war with my conscience; to buy or not to buy. You can find quite a few stylo handbags in her selection and last weekend I had to really refrain myself from buying a Chloe-ish design handbag (only because I've bought 3 handbags earlier). Price starts at RM 25.

Here are what I've bought from Kelly's stall. Well, I only shop at the bazaar now. :o)

6 comments: said...

i was secretly admiring the handbag u carried at shrek's open hse.nowi know where to get it!:P

Erra of Bijou Bazaar Team said...


apart from the zara jeans, everything else i had on was from bijou bazaar + jaya shopping centre. :o)

Wan Bi said...

Bila lah agak nya I nak sampai ke Bazaar ni..duh! Macam overseas nak pi ke PJ..Sigh..ha ha. Soon..

che'fara said...

mak ai.sgt cantik okay all the bags.
i went there before raya.u werent there.

erra of bijou bazaar team said...


you came when i was in jakarta. sorry dear!

but memang canteek the bags ... every morning, when she walks in, my mata juling. :op

nasreen said...

im coming for them bags!
still available??