Friday, May 7, 2010

groovylicious Grove

Earlier this month, Grove launched their first batch of grove bamboo iPhone cases + we fell in love with them. Curious, we went snooping to find out more about the outfit.

Grove is a partnership between Engrave + TomitaDesigns specialising in customisable products made of green materials, with sustainable practices. The team of 5 is led by Joe Mansfield + Ken Tomita.

Joe operates Engrave, a custom laser engraving company specialising in artists. He also has a line of customisable laser engraved leather moleskin covers. He is also an avid photographer who took the majority of the shots on their site.

In his spare time he enjoys running, nerding out on design, working on his bike, + driving old Saabs without brakes.

And you would have guessed right, Ken runs TomitaDesigns - a custom furniture design/build company focusing on contemporary Japanese design. He also participates in BambooDNA, led by Gerard Minakawa building large scale bamboo sculptures around the world. His passion for community building led to Project Chaboo, a collaboration project based on his chaboo design.

His favorite animal is the once thought to be mythical Okapi.

Do visit their site, Grove, folks!


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G said...

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