Tuesday, December 1, 2009

VOTE FOR US, y'all!

Psst! It's almost the end of the year now + it's time to V.O.T.E!!!

We are a little bit shy to announce this but we are nominated on 3 itsy cutesy tiny awards. Nonetheless, 'twas rather humbling to see the list of nominees for those awards.

If you feel a little generous towards us (+ would like to push us to organise another installment soon) + would like to vote for us ... by all means, PLEASE DO SO ... VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

Vote for us under the Lifestyle category for 'Bazaar You Don't Wanna Miss' - http://sites.tonguechic.com/ticawards/05-lifestyle.php#disqus_thread

VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! ... thanks very much! :o)

Next, vote for us, again, under the Life&Atyle category for 'Favourite Bazaar/Flea Market' - http://sites.klue.com.my/bestof2009/category-life-and-style.php

VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! ... thanks very much! :o)

This, you can't vote because the closing date was 30 November 2009, that's like yesterday. The work horse behind Bijou Bazaar was nominated for Cosmopolitan magazine Fun Fearless Fabulous 2009.

The awesome Nik Erwan Roseli is designing for her at the awards luncheon this weekend. Will share the images from the luncheon. ;o)

Thank you, Cosmopolitan!

Thank you, KLue!

Thank you, Tongue in Chic!

You guys have been real supportive throughout our existence, We heart YOU long time! :o)

*bear hug*

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