Monday, September 14, 2009

Final Wednesday

Finally, this Wednesday will be our last berbuka rendezvous @ CapSquare. I'm with a mixed feeling of happiness + sadness + nervousness, etc. Happy because it is going to be raya soon ... w00t! w00t! ... sad because Ramadhan is a wonderful month, and we're leaving it soon and nervous because I don't know what to wear for Raya!!!! It would be easier if I were one of them models in

*wink, wink*

For this final installment of Wednesday Berbuka Rendezvous, joining us will be Cosmic, a brand from Bandung which honestly is new to me, but I always like the independent labels from Bandung. The peeps over there just have good eyes for design. I might end up shopping again this Wednesday!

This will be the last installment before our secret project which is planned on 31 October, did I say that out load and overly clear? Hmm ...

Come on people, before we go off for raya, let's all have our berbuka or rather, iftar, together! ... and of course shop together gether too!


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