Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bijou Bazaar @ The Podium, Menara Hap Seng this weekend!

Bijou Bazaar @ The Podium, Menara Hap Seng
20 - 21 September 2008 weekend
Operating Hours: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

(Psst! Please remember to bring your own shopping bag or reuse old paper/plastic bags, buy pre loved + vintage so that fewer clothes end up in landfill sites, buy handmade + support our local micro entrepreneurs + talents, our lifestyle choices make a difference yo!)

Who will be with us?

1. Feedmylamb! -
2. Nikotina Collectibles -
3. Zuzila Zain (Naive Artist)
4. Gajah Gajah Gallery (Naive Artist) - Plate painting for kids
5. SheBop -
6. Old Blossom Box -
7. Tangga Group -
8. A Fittingroom -
9. Button My Buttons -
10. Mimpi by Murni -
11. Glamourpuss Cards -
12. Oowee.Designs -
13. Wardrobe Hunting -
14. Bundle of Joy 77 -
15. Raindrops & Kittens -
16. Yuna -
*Yuna will be selling her pre loved items this weekend, but if you want to hear her sing, lets join her in KLPac, Sunday, 12 October 2008 @ 3 p.m. for her EP Launch, peeps!*
17. Like Seriously -
18. My Closet Giggles -
19. Jenifer Ooi -
20. Label 8 Clothing
21. Toots Boutique -
22. Juxtaposewear -
23. Designer Goodies -
24. The Brains
25. Frou Frou -
26. Bhajue Boutique -
27. Peekxie -
28. UberLOVE -
29. The Shoplifters -
30. Angelface -
31. Mixmatch Market -
32. Mimpi Kita
33. Dayla Secret -
34. Mirror Mirror -
35. 6T's -
36. OMG! -
37. A'xteqs -
38. Blacksheep Clothing -

and, of course

+ Fashionistas selling their pre-loved items
+ Albums + EPs by local indie bands + singers

Saturday Acoustic Session 2 pm

Reza Salleh -
Silvergun Superman -
Slowjaxx -
Tashya's Ink -

Sunday Acoustic Session 2 pm

Witherspoon -
Stonebay -
Sharp Shooter -

*we are updating still, fret not if you don't see your name on the list. :o)*

For trading space enquiry, call Iwan-g @ 019.655.9945
For acoustic session enquiry, call Shydee @ 012.606.1546


The Shoplifters said...

don't forget The Shoplifters :D

soakrepublic said...

don't forget soak republic too! see you there at 27th - 28th :)

Alis said...


a few friends and I are going to sell our pre loved items on the 20th, Saturday.

Thanks Bijou Bazaar! =D


Eggie said...

don't forget little miss eggie!
brand spanking new with lots of love!

yuyu aziz said...

oh oh me too... lala of superrolling had actually told dearest iwan on Sunday 14th.... ;) supeerolling feat. belisaya. oh my fren wani from myra's online too!

Qilahlala SuperRolling said...

yeah..dont forget superrolling hehe

BloomingButterflyBoutique said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BloomingButterflyBoutique said...

and dun forget that triplebee will be at bijou bazaar too!
only on 21st,sunday!

lishun said...

are the same performers gonna be around this weekend too?

Anonymous said...

how about this weekend??27th and 28th..who will we have??*excited*

Anonymous said...

i heard this 27th has been postponed? please don't. uwaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said... it true? tmrw bijou bazaar kene been postpone??

Janee said...

I called the organizers. It's still on tomorrow!

miho_mina said...

It is still on for the bazaar tomorrow but only for the Arts and Accessories~~

TIKA said...

i want to go to bijou bazaar... i'm planning a malaysian tour for december... i just have to stip by