Friday, June 27, 2008

Bijou Bazaar @ KLue Urbanscapes 2008


So Bijou Bazaar was featured on WW @ Astro AWANI recently, their invite to feature a designer from Bijou Bazaar produced three. (Sorry!) We managed to drag KLue Urbanscapes 2008 framed poster to announce that we'll be there as well.

Oh! ... and Dangsuria mentioned that she loved Yuna's YouTube clip, she thought Yuna was brilliant. w00t! w00t! (Are you reading Yuna?!)

Wave at WW @ Astro AWANI crew, everybody! :o)


juicylicious said...

WOW! Famous la you wegra (WME)!
w00t! w00t!
Can't wait for ahem jamoca heheh!

Anonymous said...

when is the next bazaar? is 12 / 13 confirmed?

Anonymous said...

when is the next flea?**

Anonymous said...

no update on the next bazaar pun?

moccis said...

where can i get mocca's @ zouk tickets?