Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Mum's Bakery

Kak Rohana has joined Bijou Bazaar this weekend to bring the best selection from her bakery, which are made fresh in the morning. Hence, them arriving late, at about 12 pm. They make the meanest All Butter Shortbread (I bought 5 packets home last night, and yet I complain why I haven't lost any weight).

Forget the pricey Dean's All Butter Shortbread or Earl Grey's All Butter Shortbread. Do have tea with My Mum's Bakery All Butter Shortbread!

Other offers from Kak Rohana's stall:


Anonymous said...

Do they have baking class?

Anonymous said...

if there is enough participants Chef Zainal can arrange it.

Anonymous said...

Does she takes online order? how to get her number? does she takes cater too?