Tuesday, April 17, 2007

opening soon!

Asia Jaya Putra LRT Station : Feeder Bus No. 209A

speak to us at bijoubazaar@gmail.com


DrFrappucino said...

what are you selling lor ?
got discount meh?

Erra said...

>dr frappucino<

How does imported British Airways Silverwing collection, which includes porcelain mugs, stationery and apron selling at one to one prices sound to you?

Meaning, if it's selling at 10 quid in the UK, it'll be RM 10 at Bijou Bazaar.

The bazaar will start operating in June 2007.

david santos said...

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taichee~@! said...


sounds interesting stuff you have there..

will them some frenz about this..!