Friday, August 30, 2013

Kuala Lumpur ✈ Bangkok

a little odd. something i've not done before; blogging about a trip. 

yes. i was in Bangkok last week. so were a handful of you, i noted. :o)

had a perfect plan, which was to arrive mid afternoon on a Monday, just to avoid the rush hour. alas, my flight got delayed, by one hour. i ended up being stuck in the afternoon rush hour madness anyway, getting into the city centre. 


true, i could have gotten on the airport rail link but i had a friend from an earlier TG flight waiting to feed me at the hotel. oi! makan free oi! that calls for the speediest door-to-door service. heh.

my taxi driver just laughed at the traffic and made funny expressions, not a word of complaint from him. we chat about random topics.

that's what i love about the Thais. they are happy, they are playful, the dance in the rain sort of people. it's refreshing every single time.

even at the arrival hall, the immigration officer was excited that my passport was a new one and he'd be the first to stamp on it. he then dramatically stamped on it. ok. haha!

later that evening, we headed to Asiatique for dinner. at the pier, a man stood as though he was holding a gun and went, peng! peng! peng! aiming at us while we were getting on the shuttle boat. my friend deciphered and told me that he's doing headcount. ah!

i guess Thailand is known as one of the world's most relaxed countries anyway and as having some of the world's happiest people. perhaps, their common expression mai bpen rai, which carries the meaning 'don't worry' or 'never mind', is a factor. the commonly used vocabulary is translated into an attitude?

consequently, Thais don't worry about things and so, they're happy. most Thais are calm, relaxed and don't lose their tempers (or minds) over petty things or what they can't control. after all, mai bpen rai - don't worry!

something to ponder over. what are our commonly used vocabulary and how does it influence our disposition?

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